Brands utilize art resources to express their unique values. Our exemplar projects of art IP licensing and brand design transformation.

Xiaomi Tech

Mi MIX 2S Mobile Phone Dunhuang Art Edition
An IP licensing work that fully integrates art and technology. Heritage is transformed to unique brand aesthetics.
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Kindle Special Edition ‘Reading Dunhuang’
The second series focuses on Tang Dynasty, expressing the true beauty of Dunhuang.
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Kindle Special Edition ‘Dance with Dunhuang’
First series of licensing and design, rediscovering the true beauty of Dunhuang.
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The Promise Branded Products - Yoga Mats, Dunhuang Mural Painting Series
Unparalleled innocence and vitality of Dunhuang brought into daily yoga practice.
The Promise Branded Products - Phone Cases, Dunhuang Mural Painting Series
The beauty of Dunhuang mural paintings at fingertips.

Xiaomi Tech

Mi MIX 3 Mobile Phone Special Edition for The Palace Museum
The beauty of Chinese art inherited by science and technology. Vitalized traditions, raised brand value.
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The Promise Branded Products

The British Library Charles Robinson Black Cat Phone Cases
Advocate the philosophy of 'live like a cat'.
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Aimer Group

LA CLOVER Luxury Lingerie Collection
Art transformed into fashion, a successful crossover of win-win solution.
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Gloria Hotel - The V&A Collections for The Art Hotel
When a museum meets a hotel, a unique artistic experience curated for travelers.