Mi MIX 3 Mobile Phone

Special Edition for The Palace Museum

The Beauty of Chinese Art Inherited by Technology

On October 25, 2018, Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Technology, personally launched the special edition of Mi MIX 3 mobile phone in The Palace Museum in Beijing. This is a licensing work that fuses technology with art, the old and the new.

Art IP Lisensing Drives Brand Innovation

The Promise is committed to bringing together museums and tech brands. Xiaomi MIX series is a high-end product as the Artwork in Mobile Phones. Through art IP licensing, the classic ceramic indigo glaze and auspicious beast Xiè Zhì are integrated into a new generation of mobile phones. Xiaomi has created a unique image of art inheritor, providing new aesthetics for consumers with increasingly refined taste. It has established a benchmark for products that merges technology and art.
Inspirational Elements and Design Transformation

“ I need a Xie Zhi.”

“ Art and technology merged together, MIX 3 is definitely a benchmark.”

“ Classy and sophisticated. ”

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