Luxury Lingerie Collection

Integrate Culture into Fashion

In 2015, The Promise brings The V&A into Chinese licensing market, leads and accomplishes the licensing cooperation between the V&A and Aimer. LA CLOVER was the highest-end underwear product portfolio in the brand series, and the first Chinese fashion brand granted IP license by oversea museums.

The Promise also led the LA CLOVER team to the V&A in London. The live shooting session was the first time for Chinese brands to produce a large-scale commercial film at an oversea museum, fully interpreting new fashion inspiration from Western collections.

Recreation of Inspirational Patterns

The licensed element of George Haite’s works was selected, for LA CLOVER's Fall/Winter 2015 collection Victoria's Secret Garden. George Haite is a famous decorative graphic designer of the Victorian era in the 19th century. His fashionable design and exquisite patterns are highly consistent with LA CLOVER's high-end mature glamor.

Win-win by Licensing and Crossover

This IP authorization is not only a new leap forward of the Aimer Group to internationalization, but also enhances its corporate image through artistic values, and leverages the brand influence of the V&A to create commercial impact with financial reward. It also sets a benchmark for the licensing business of the V&A in China, which receives wide resonance from the industry and the market.

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