Special Edition ‘Reading Dunhuang’

The Enjoyment of Reading
Dunhuang Art

From the first to the second series of Amazon Kindle and the Dunhuang Academy licensing development, it takes only half a year. The design element spans from the Dunhuang classic elements widely known to a deeper level of comprehension, with a focus on the Tang Dynasty. The combination of art and reading in licensing extends the charm and audiences for both parties, and provides high-quality new content for consumers.

The Promise serves as the overall leader and project manager for the licensing of the two series, and develops a rather mature licensing procedure with a cooperative rapport. The service runs through the entire process of authorization, from positioning, subject selection, element refinement, design and production to market release.

Inspirations from the Climax of Dunhuang Mural Paintings

The first series selects the classic masterpieces of Dunhuang murals, while the second series focus on its peak era from the Tang Dynasty.

The full package of Kindle and Dunhuang Academy series includes Kindle E-reader, Dunhuang special edition case, "Interpretation of Dunhuang (a total of 11 volumes) e-book and gift box packaging.

“ Soul-touching. And I crave to read!”

“ Remarkably beautiful and captivating.”

“ Elegant words and paintings. Glad to see that Mogao Grottoes and Kindle join hands to promote reading. ”

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