Special Edition ‘Dance with Dunhuang’

The First Licensing Agreement Between Amazon and Dunhuang Academy
At the end of 2017, The Promise jointly signed on IP licensing cooperation with Amazon Kindle and Dunhuang Academy. As the leading planner and designer, The Promise developed the first product series Dance with Dunhuang with the Amazon Kindle team, the project positions on Inherit the Beauty of Dunhuang Art by Reading. The beauty of Dunhuang and electronic reading device were perfectly combined for the first time by the product, which received many positive responses for its artistic and market values.

Meanwhile, Amazon launches Dunhuang book series to provide consumers with featured content, a true leap to licensing digital content, compared to only visual IP images.

Design Inspirations from Classic Murals

The inspiration for the Dance with Dunhuang series comes from the most classic and deeply-loved four murals in Dunhuang art treasures.

The full package of Kindle Paperwhite and Dunhuang Academy series includes Kindle Paperwhite E-book reader, Dunhuang special edition case, and gift box packaging.

“ Absolutely beautiful Dunhuang! Thanks Kindle, now we can enjoy its art whenever, wherever we want.”

“ Dedication to cultural heritage and respect for intellectual property, extraordinary.”

“ There are remarkable treasures hidden in Chinese historical culture. Please continue with such collaborations. ”

Customer Reviews

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