Mi MIX 2S Mobile Phone

Dunhuang Art Edition

Art and Technology Merged Together
In August 2018, Xiaomi's MIX 2S mobile phone Dunhuang Jade Art Edition was released. The IP licensing cooperation between classic art and technology brands adds value to both parties. It has brought vitality to the cultural heritage of Dunhuang and created a unique aesthetics for Xiaomi mobile phones.

Value Matching for the Brand and the IP Owner

The consulting work of The Promise begins with value matching between the brand and the IP owner and guides the selection of art images and design transformation, to realize the added value of art through a sustainable business model.

Redesign of Core Inspirational Elements

The concept is inspired by murals of No. 329 Cave of Northern Zhou Dynasty in Mogao Grottoes. The malachite color and Dunhuang Flying Asparas were selected for the design of a modern Flying Asparas, with technological and digital appeal.
Inspirational Elements and Design Transformation
Dunhuang Flying Asparas
Inspirational Elements and Design Transformation
The malachite color

“ The fusion of technology and art creates unique sparkles.”

“ A great product made with a heart for conservation and heritage, respectful collaboration by Xiaomi and Dunhuang Academy.”

“ A fascinating work of art.”

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